About us


The chain of Second Hand clothes shops «Planeta Second Hand»

“Planeta Second Hand” is the brand name and trade mark of our chain of retail shops selling second hand clothes and shoes.

The history of the chain of shops started in year 2000 with the opening of the first shop in Peredelkino in Moscow.

In 2007 the brand name “Planeta Second Hand” was registered in the Russian Federation as a Trade Mark. In 2015 the trade mark with the logo and brand name was registered as well.

By the end of 2018 the chain has more than 105 shops in operation in the following cities and towns in Russia:

Moscow (With suburbs Ivanteevka, Dolgoprudni, Khimki and Krasnogorsk), Tula, Rayzan, Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Ribinsk, Vologda, Kostroma, Nizniy Novgorod, St. Petersburg (with suburbs Gatchina, Petrodvoretz, Krasno Selo, Kolpino, Sevelovsk and Sestroresk), Saratov, Engels, Samara, Penza, Saransk, Voronezh, St. Oskol, Lipetsk, Rostov na Don, Novocherkassk, Stavropol and Astrahan.

Our shops are open for our customers 365 days a year 11 hours a day 7 days a week.

A dynamic sales system

Our sales system is built up on the concept of the “cycle system” and all shops follow the same sales system.

The idea with the concept of the “cycle system” is:

We provide a large selection of clothes for our customers to buy from within a period of 4 weeks (a “sales cycle”).

Each of the 4 weeks has special permanent features, advantages and sales offers, in each and every cycle.

After the end of the 4 week cycle, the sales hall is nearly empty and next morning a new cycle starts with a completely new collection of second hand clothes, accessories, textiles and shoes. You can find out when the next cycle start and about the actions in the shops right now on the first page of our website.

We are selling clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women, for school children, students and pensioners and for small children and their parents. We have a good selection for all age groups and for most tastes.

  We sell high quality Second Hand clothes and you can find almost everything and at affordable prices. 

In our sales hall each garment is unique. Therefore the clothes is organized in categories and arranged according their colours so it is easy for our customers to find what they are looking for.

Each shop has an exclusive department where the most exceptional, special and high quality garments are displayed.

Good reasons for everybody to buy in our shops

  • There is a very big choice of good quality clothes at affordable prices
  • For you who look for brand names and unique, fashionable garments, you can search in the “exclusive” departments of our shops.
  • For you, who like to buy be dressed nicely for work every day with different outfits – you can most probably find them in our shops.
  • Both men and women can find clothes for different purposes: for work and free time, for sport and for travels, for party and for relaxing. In our shops the sales assistants help you to make good choices.
  • For many families and single mothers it is a big financial help to the family’s budget dressing their children in our shops. In each shop there is a special sales area with children’s clothes.
  • Young people are our customers during the whole cycle period.
  • They are spotting the fashionable items and good brands at the new collection days and they also go for the cheap offers when we have discount.
  • The discount periods where the shops are selling all at fixed prices are attractive for many of our customers who are pensioners, because it is a unique opportunity for them to get dressed nicely at a very low price.

Our Company

Our company, “Planeta Second Hand Holdings” owns the chain of shops and also a number of wholesales working under the name of “Trade Link”. The company is registered in Moscow, where we also have our main office and warehouse.

Information about the location and contacts can be found here. 

Our mission

We care about our planet Earth and we are proud of being able to contribute to its protection for future generations through our daily work.

Selling second hand clothes and shoes gives a second life to clothes that would otherwise end up in the garbage. In this way it helps protecting the environment. Selling second hand clothes and shoes reduces the need for producing new clothes and shoes.

We have used internationally established ways of calculating the impact on the environment that the clothes sold during 1 year (150.000 pieces) in 1 of our second hand shops has:
- Saving 700 million liter of water
- Saving 20.000 kg of fertilizers
- Saving 750 kg of pesticides
- Saving 615.000 kg of CO2 (= the amount that 30.000 trees absorb in 1 year)

We care about people’s welfare and we are proud of being able to help people getting more value for each ruble they earn and spend when they buy their clothes in our shops.

Selling second hand clothes provides many people with good, fashionable clothes at affordable prices. When sold in modern, nice looking shops the shopping also becomes a pleasurable experience. In the recent years we have experienced the ruble devaluate a 100% and that ordinary people can buy less and less with their salaries. For an increasing number of people buying Second Hand clothes and shoes becomes an interesting and real way of saving money on their personal budgets.

Our human resources are our most valuable resource. We care about establishing a productive and friendly company culture which contributes to the quality of life for all.

Our operation creates employment for many people. When sale is organized as a large chain of shops as ours, it provides opportunity for professional and personal growth for employees.

What is second hand clothes?

It all begins in people’s wardrobes. Like this:

In rich countries like USA and in Europe many people buy lots of new clothes either to get the latest fashion or for special occasions or because the season changes or just because they feel like buying some more. Soon they have not space enough in their wardrobes and want to throw some away to make space for their new purchases.

People give them away for free.

That’s where the business of second hand clothes starts.

Instead of throwing them on the dump, many put their used garments in special collection boxes put up on strategic locations by different recycling companies and organizations. Part of the garments are used very little or not at all.

The collection companies empty the boxes regularly and from here starts an amazing journey for some of them to end up on hangers in a “Planeta Second Hand” shop in for example, Samara, Russia.

The collector takes the clothes to their warehouse. Here they are bagged and then sold to sorting factories.

In the sorting factory the clothes are sorted into different categories according to the quality and according to the season. Some sorters have a simple production some a very complicated one with very many products.

Basically all sorting factories sort the original clothes into the same main categories. Of the material collected, 55% can be re-used without processing as wearable clothing and shoes, 15% is made into industrial wipers, 25% is recycled for a new life as textile products 5% is waste.

The very best part of the clothes – the most fashionable and the highest quality – is sold in retail shops in Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and USA.

It is estimated that in the USA 18% of the population buy part of their clothes in second hand shops.

The medium quality is sold in Africa, Central America and Asia. They are sold mainly in open markets but retail sale in shops is also on the rise here.

Every year more than 3 million tons of second hand clothes are traded across borders.

The biggest part of the clothes is collected in Western Europe and USA.

In USA 20% of all textile sold is collected for reuse and recycling. In Western European countries up to 50% is collected. These percentages are growing in both collection markets.

Where do our goods come from:

We buy the goods from different sorting factories which buy original clothes collected in Western Europe, (mainly Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy) and from the USA.

At the sorting factories, they separate the original clothes into qualities, categories and season.

We buy only the best 15-20% of the original clothes collected for our shops. The clothes is checked 2 times, folded nicely and packed in sacks of approximately 60kg.

The shoes are packed in boxes or smaller bags.

Wholesales “Trade Link”

О нас опт.jpg

“Trade Link” is the brand name of a chain of wholesales established in Russia and in the CIS countries which started its operation in 1993. “Trade Link” was among the first in the Russian market selling second hand clothes and the Trade link chain of wholesales was during the 90ties the biggest seller of second hand clothes in Russia.

Today, there are 3 “Trade Link” wholesales in operation: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov na Don.

From the “Trade Link” wholesales we sell second hand clothes to smaller and bigger retail traders from all over Russia.

Openning of shops